Yellow Leaf Hammocks Shark Tank

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Shark Tank, Net Worth, Founders, Profile, Investors, Revenue & More

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Shark Tank:- Yellow Leaf Hammocks is an eco-friendly, socially conscious company that deals with hanging chairs and summer products.

Yellow leaf appeared in the 1122nd episode of season 11 in ABC Shark tank where they came up with a deal of $ 1 million in return for a 7% stake in their company. But interestingly the sharks came up with a surprising deal of $ 1 million dollars for the same stakes. 

In this blog, we read details of Yellow Leaf Hammocks Shark Tank, Net Worth, Founders, Profile, Investors, Revenue & More.

What is Yellow Leaf Hammocks?

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is an outdoor and indoor furniture product that lies in the category of swings that are used for vacations and at picnic spots.

Hammocks are tied from one end of the tree to the other. The company was started by the duos and in 2018 the company has generated $ 860,000 in sales, Demin said that projected to make $ 1.3 million at the end of 2019. It is a very profitable company and has raised millions of dollars in a few months.

The company has a growing rate of $ 5.7 million in valuations. According to purchase a hammock its cost falls around $179 to $299.Along with this the company also sells a standalone piece of wood which is called “The Throne”, which cost is $1499.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Shark Tank Business Profile

Company Name Yellow Leaf Hammocks
Episode Name season 11 episode 1122
Founders  Joe Demin, Rachel Connors
Business of Hammocks
Asked For $ 400,000 For 7% Equity
Final Deal Details $ 1 million for 25 % Equity
Shark Names Lubetzky
Business Status In Business
Official Website Visit Here

Who is the founder of Yellow Leaf Hammocks?

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is owned by Joe Demin and Rachel Connors. They started their business together in 2018. The two are very good friends who decided to start this eco-friendly company.

Who is the founder of Yellow Leaf Hammocks?

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Shark Tank Net Worth, Revenue

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a growing company that is also a profit-making company also. It owns a whooping net worth of $ 5.7 million. 

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Before Shark Tank

Before entering two Shark tanks Demin the co-founder of Yellow leaf has another business named Kickster which was started in  2012 and the company has raised $11,400.

After that, the friends founded Yellow Leaf which is a subpart of Kickster. They provide the best quality product at an affordable price.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Pitch to Shark Tank

The founder of Yellow Leaf Hammocks made their pitch to Shark Tank for 7% equity in their business for $ 400,000.

But after listing to the powerful and mind-blowing pitch of the founders Lubetzky came up with an offer where he asked for 33% of Equity for $ 1million.

And after listening to the pitch two other sharks Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner also came into trade, but Demin only negotiated with Lubetzky. After a few discussions, the deal was disclosed with 25 % of Equity for $ 1 million.

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