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Fling Golf Shark Tank

Fling Golf Net Worth, Revenue:- Talking about the net worth and revenue of this brilliant idea, Fling Golf holds a tremendous net worth of $ 500,000 valuation. 

Fling Golf Shark Tank

John Pruellage and Alex Van Allen went on Shark Tank Season 12 to advertise their new sport, Fling Golf. The two offered 10% equity of their business in exchange for a $300,000 investment and ended up stepping away with a deal from Daniel Lubetzky for $300,000 for 25% equity.

What is Fling Golf?

As the protest was underway, Robert Herjavec commented that the two have obtained lacrosse to golf, while Kevin O’Leary, ever the skeptic, indicated that golf courses probably would not allow this to happen on their courses. Nevertheless, Alex assured Mr. Wonderful that the majority of the golf courses they’ve requested don’t mind if you play Fling Golf instead of traditional golf.

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Fling Golf Shark Tank Net Worth

Fling Golf Shark Tank Business Profile

Company Name Fling Golf
Episode Name Season 12, Episode 24
Founders                                  John Pruellage, Alex Van Allen
Business of Fling Golf
Asked For $300,000 For 10% Equity
Final Deal Details $300,000 million for 25 % Equity
Shark Names Daniel Lubetzky
Business Status In Business
Official Website Visit Here

Who is the founder of Fling Golf?

Fling Golf is founded by two friends named John Pruellage and Alex Van Allen. They didn’t hesitate to tell their saga and their pitch. The two also asked the sharks to come and give it a try, which Daniel Lubetzky did not pause to do.

Fling Golf Pitch to Shark Tank

Talking about the pitch made by the owner of Fling Golf they made their entrance extremely funny and made a deal of $300,000 For 10% Equity with the shark.

After selling their idea to the sharks, one of the sharks Daniel Lubetzky made his pitch to the owner which is $300,000 million for 25 % Equity and the owner accepted the deal.

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FAQ About Fling Golf

Q.1 What is Fling Golf’s net worth?

Ans. Fling Golf’s net worth is $ 500,000.

Q.2 Who is the founder of Fling Golf?

Ans. Fling Golf is founded by John Pruellage and Alex Van Allen.

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