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SynDaver Labs Shark Tank, Net Worth, Founders, Profile, Investors, Revenue & More.

SynDaver Labs Shark Tank:- SynDaver Labs is a synthetic cadaver business that appeared in the 625th episode of Shark Tank. SynDaver labs are the manufacturers of artificial human bodies and organs which helps in training medical students and doctors.

In this blog, we read details of SynDaver Labs Shark Tank, Net Worth, Founders, Profile, Investors, Revenue & More.

What is SynDaver Labs?

By reading the name we all got to know that SynDaver is associated with the medical business. SynDaver Labs deals in artificial human organs which helps in the medical training of CPR and first aid training and many other medical activities. The product is a synthetic human which is made up of all human organs like bone, skin, muscle, organs, and blood vessels.

Medical students, researchers, and doctors can operate the SynDaver Labs models to help them study the human body for medical device studies, surgical simulation, and clinical training.

SynDaver Labs Shark Tank Business Profile

Company Name SynDaver Labs
Episode Name season 1 episode 625
Founders  Christopher Sakezles
Business of Medical Device Business
Asked For $ 3 Million For 25 %Stakes
Final Deal Details $ 3 Million For 25 %Stakes
Shark Names Robert Herjavec
Business Status In Business
Official Website Visit Here

Who is the founder of SynDaver Labs?

SynDaver Labs is owned and founded by Christopher Sakezles. Before Skazele founded the company work on this technology was started in 1993 by the University of Florida which begin manufacturing synthetic trachea models which replace live animal testing.
After 11 years in 2004 SynDaver was founded to Commercialize a novel system of synthetic human body parts for the medical device industry.

SynDaver Labs Shark Tank Net Worth, Revenue

After founding the business in 2004 SynDaver makes a good revenue of $ 23 million. 

SynDaver Labs Before Shark Tank

Before coming to the shark tank show SynDaver Labs and Christopher Skazele is busy extending their business to another level. After founding the company Christopher’s only focus was to grow the business. As one Syndaver costs around $ 60,000, Christopher has a good position in business with good profit.

SynDaver Labs Pitch to Shark Tank

The founder of SynDaver Labs made their pitch to Shark Tank for 25% Stakes in their business for $ 3 million, which was invested by Robert Herjavec for the same which Christopher asked for. 

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