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Kunafa World Shark Tank, Net Worth, Founders, Profile, Investors, Revenue & More.

Kunafa World Shark Tank:- Kunafa World is known for the best dessert dishes. It deals in different varieties of tasty and delicious sweet dishes. Kunafa world is in the headlines for getting funds in exchange for 5% equity of his company in Shark Tak India. By the name Kunafa, we all know that a new dish has come to Shark Tank India to get funds for the business and to extend the venture at different places. Kunafa world appeared in the 28th episode of season 1 Shark Tank India.   

In this blog, we read details of Kunafa World Shark Tank, Net Worth, Founders, Profile, Investors, Revenue & More.

What is Kunafa World?

Kunafa World is a restaurant based in Banglore, Karnataka deals in a variety of desserts.

Kunafa is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert that is made with fine semolina dough, dipped in sugar-based syrup, and also layered with varieties of dry fruits on the layer.

It deals in pure vegetarian Kunafa and is an Arabic dessert. It is well-liked and loved across the country.

It is founded by Jameela Ruhi, an aspiring entrepreneur, who then decided to enter into Shark tank with a goal to grow her business and open franchises everywhere. The first outlet of Kunafa World was opened in Banglore in 2018.

What is Kunafa World?

Kunafa World Shark Tank Business Profile

Company Name Kunafa World
Episode Name season 1 episode 28
Founders  Jameela Ruhi, Zamzeer Ahamed
Business of Arabic Dessert and Pure Vegetarian Kunafa
Asked For 90 Lakhs For 5% Equity
Final Deal Details no deal
Shark Names not known
Business Status In Business
Official Website Visit Here

Who is the founder of Kunafa World?

Kunafa World is owned by Jameela Ruhi and Zamzeer Ahamed. They started their business together in 2018. The two are couples who decided to start a dessert business.

Kunafa World Shark Tank Net Worth, Revenue

With the opening of new outlets in Southern India, the day-by-day business of Kunafa world is growing. As it is opened for the first time in 2018, the net worth of Kunafa World is 18 crore.

Kunafa World Before Shark Tank

Before entering two Shark tanks Kunafa world is in a growing state, where they are making a profit and extending there day by day business by including varieties to their dishes. They bring a new and innovative idea which as sweat as their dessert. They opened three outlets in Banglore, Kochi, and Vijayawada. And in recent days they opened a new outlet in Mumbai.

Kunafa World Pitch to Shark Tank

The founder of Kunafa World made their pitch to Shark Tank for 5% equity in their business for 90 lakh rupees.

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