Zomato Delivery Boy Salary 2023

Zomato Delivery Boy Salary 2023 – Zomato Delivery Boy Weekly Salary

Zomato is the leading and fastest-growing food delivery company in India. The main objective of the Company is to provide people’s favorite restaurant food at their homes.

The Zomato Company’s main key is the delivery of food door-to-door in the entire nation. The Company is Multinational and its purpose is to serve door-to-door food delivery.

that’s why. It is not possible without a delivery boy.

If you are willing to join Zomato Company and looking for the Zomato Boy Salary in 2023 then you should read this article till the end. 

Zomato Delivery Boy Timings

Zomato Delivery Boy’s Timings are slightly different according to the other delivery jobs.  Because Zomato gives complete flexibility to their delivery boys to earn as per their hard work. Zomato Delivery Boy can manage their work in three different shifts Morning, Evening, and Night shift. 

SHIFT  Delivery Timings
Night Shift 11 PM to 7 AM
Evening Shift 3 PM to 11 PM
Morning Shift 7 AM to 3 PM

Zomato Boy Salary 2023

This article will show you the exact salary and its elements. Therefore, read carefully and try to understand the Zomato Salary Procedure in 2023.

According to a few web sources, There is not any fixed salary in Zomato.

It completely depends on the Performance and ratings of the Delivery Boy. But as we asked some delivery boys, they told us that their salary ranges between 15k to 20k per month. 

Zomato Delivery Boy Weekly Salary

However, the Zomato Salary did not disburse monthly. Zomato Company disburses the delivery boy’s salary every week. Zomato’s Weekly Payouts are around Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000/-.

Zomato’s Weekly Salary depends on the number of deliveries. If you do work as Part Timer then your salary would be less than what we say here.

If you do the full time then it may also be higher than what we mentioned here.

Night Delivery Charges are additional for Deliver employees. 

It is also interesting to know that Zomato Weekly Payouts are much higher in the Metro cities instead in any other cities.

As we mentioned Zomato Delivery Boy’s Salary in this article, This salary is without petrol expenses. 

Zomato Weekly Payment Day

Most of you are also interested to know when Zomato Delivery Boy’s Salary Comes weekly.

So here we are good to say that Delivery Boy’s disburse on every Thursday. 

In This Article, We provided the maximum information about Zomato Boy Salary 2023 – Zomato Delivery Boy Weekly Salary.

Apart from this, If you have any questions or queries regarding this topic then you may ask through the comment box.

We will try to give you the solution as soon as possible. Thank You. 

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