Kamil Bartosek Net Worth

Kamil Bartosek Net Worth and A comprehensive Look at his Salary, success, and financial journey.

In 2023, Kamil’s net worth is around $6 Million. In this article, we will learn about Kamil Bartosek Net Worth and A comprehensive Look at his Salary, success, and financial journey.

Kamil is a Czech internet personality who has experience as a producer, influencer, presenter, and investor. He attended the European Polytechnic Institute, s.r.o where he studied finance and taxes. Later, he pursued media communication at the Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy but did not complete his studies. Kamil has been hosting the One Man Show program on Stream. cz, an internet television network, since 2008. He has also served as the host of the Morning Party program on Fajn.

How Much is Kamil Bartosek Net Worth?

Kamil’s net worth in 2023 is around $6 Million. Kamil is a renowned writer who has made a name for himself through his works such as One Man Show, M.K. Show, and Se Sípem v zádech. He is considered a pioneer in the Czech internet video industry and has interviewed several famous personalities from the Czech show business in his One Man Show. In 2015, Kamil and his colleague Markus Krug introduced a new concept for their talk show, featuring a yellow triangle in the logo, and started producing content for the Czech internet with the aim of reaching a global audience.

Kamil Bartosek Net Worth
          Kamil Bartosek Net Worth: $6 Million

One of Kamil Bartoszek’s projects was to direct a fictional mentally disabled contestant in the TV show Prostogeno, which aired on Prima TV. He secretly hired amateur actor Karel Ondolka to play an eccentric three-month-old man who kept chickens in his apartment, slept in a coffin, and loved old women and sadomasochism. Actor Ondolka had earphones hidden in his ears for Kazuma to control him while filming the Prima TV show, but the Prima TV team didn’t know about it.

Leoš Mareš made a bet in May 2018 that he would give his Ferrari to anyone who caught him driving a car other than a Trabant. Kazma saw an opportunity and planned a fake accident in which Leoš Mareš had to stop and collide with another car while driving to work at 6 in the morning. Kazma filmed the staged accident and then demanded the Ferrari from Leoš Mareš, claiming that he would donate it to charity.

Net Worth  $6 Million
Date Of Birth 26 May 1985
Birth Place Kroměříž, Czechia
Age 38 years
Profession Film director
Nationality Czech
Zodiac Sign  Gemini

Kamil Bartosek Net Worth in the last three years

Year  Kamil Bartosek’s Net worth
2022 $5 Million
2021 $4 Million
2020 $3 Million

Kamil Bartosek Wealth

Kazma is a property owner with multiple assets in the Czech Republic. He possesses several apartments in Příbram, in addition to numerous garages. As per eXtra.cz, his investment in Příbram properties amounted to nearly ten million crowns. Recently, in 2021, Kazma purchased an apartment in Prague’s Nové Město for 13.5 million crowns, which he utilizes as his background in the metropolis.


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