Jawed Karim Net Worth 2023

Jawed Karim Net Worth 2023, Salary, Lessons from YouTube Founder, Girlfriend, Career, Age

Jawed Karim Net Worth 2023:- Jawed is an American software engineer and Internet entrepreneur of Bangladeshi and German descent.

Jawed is the co-founder of YouTube and the first person to upload a video to the site, This opening video, titled “Me at the Zoo”, uploaded on April 23, 2005, has over 254 million views as of February 6, 2023.

In this blog, You Will Read about Jawed Karim Net Worth 2023, Salary, Lessons from YouTube Founder, Girlfriend, Career, Age.

What is the Jawed Karim Net Worth 2023?

Jawed is most famous for being the co-founder of YouTube. Following the sale of YouTube to Google, Karim launched a venture capital fund that has made several early and successful investments.

His net worth is $300 million by 2023. In October 2006, Jawed gave a lecture at the University of Illinois’s annual ACM conference about the history of YouTube, titled YouTube from Concept to Hypergrowth.

Jawed returned to the University of Illinois again in May 2008 as the 136th and youngest commencement speaker in the school’s history.

What is the Jawed Karim Net Worth 2023
                                                             $300 Million

Jawed Karim Salary

Jawed is a renowned software engineer and internet entrepreneur from America, Scoot is the co-founder of YouTube and the first person to upload a video to the site.

Jawed first opening video, titled Me at the Zoo, was uploaded on April 23, 2005, and has been viewed over 218 million times.

Jawed has also worked for PayPal and is of Bangladeshi origin. in 2022. His one-year salary is estimated to be $1.8 million.

Jawed Karim 7 Lessons from YouTube Founder

1. Be the first

Be the first

Being first is important, It means that you are the trendsetter that others will follow.

2. Speak your mind

Speak your mind

Jawed also criticized YouTube’s decision to remove the dislike button from the video. And, Jawed posted a detailed account of his opinion on the removal of the dislike button on his videos.

3. Keep a low profile

 Keep a low profile

Jawed was only 27 years old when YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 and he received $64 million worth of shares.

4. Invest early

Invest early

YouTube co-founder Jawed is one of the first investors in Airbnb. Jawed invested in the company in 2009 when it was just a startup, Today, Airbnb is worth over $104 billion.

5. Be persistent

Be persistent

Jawed’s story is also a reminder of the importance of persistence. When Jawed first started working on YouTube, it was just a side project. But Jawed kept working on it and eventually turned it into a successful business.

6. The power of teamwork

The power of teamwork

Jawed’s success on YouTube also highlights the importance of teamwork. Jawed and his co-founders were able to take a simple idea and turn it into a global phenomenon.

7. Learn and apply

Learn and apply

While at Stanford, Jawed worked on a number of research projects, including one that studied human-computer interaction.

Jawed Karim Girlfriend

As per our records, Jawed is currently unmarried. Javed Karim does not have a girlfriend yet. As of 2023, Jawed is not dating anyone.

Karim is 44 years old. According to Celebs Couples, Jawed had at least 1 relationship before. He is not engaged before.

Jawed Karim Career

At university, Jawed founded Silicon Graphics, Inc. where Jawed worked on 3D voxel data management for very large data sets for volume rendering, including data from the Visible Human Project.

While working at PayPal in 2002, Jawed met Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Three years later, in 2005, Jawed founded the video-sharing website YouTube.

Jawed Karim Age

Jawed was born on 28 October 1979 in Merseburg, East Germany to a Bangladeshi father and a German mother. He is 43 years old by 2023.

Jawed father, Naemul Karim, is a Muslim Bangladeshi who works as a researcher at 3M, and Jawed mother, Christine, is a German scientist majoring in biochemistry at the University of Minnesota.


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FAQS About Jawed Karim Worth 2023

Q.1) Is Jawed Karim Married?

Ans. No, He is Not Married.

Q.2) Who is Jawed Karim?

Ans. He is the co-founder of YouTube and the first person to upload a video to the site.

Q.3) When was Jawed Karim Born?

Ans. He is born On 28 October 1979.

Q.4) Who was the 1st YouTuber ever?

Ans. Jawed Karim.

Q.5) Who is the original owner of YouTube?

Ans. Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen.

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