BIN View Status

BIN View Status

Indian Income Tax Department follows a pellucid system for filing your Tax Returns. Among the several procedures included, one of the majors is TDS or Tax Deduction at the source.

The simplified process of filing tax returns has made the task that once seemed difficult, now easy. Book Identification Number or BIN is generated during the procedure of TDS. 

If you are looking for how to check BIN View Status? and its close elements which you need to clarify is absolutely available here on this page. 

In this article, Readers would be able to know Bin View and Form 24G as well. That’s why, We are requesting you to read this article till the end. Because This might be very useful for you. Let’s find out. 

The BIN is a unique verification number or can say key, that is scattered by the Assessing Officer (AO) to the compatible Drawing & Disbursing Officer DDO should be rightly filled in the TDS/TCS statement, in congruence with the information which is available in the BIN view.

What is the Form 24G?

Form 24 is basically for those processes where tax has been paid to the central government without a challan. For those cases, the PAO/CDDO/DTO or equivalent office is required to file Form 24G to the Govt. Therefore, Don’t be confused with the 24G Form that is specially mentioned in the above procedure. 

Important Points To Remember About Book Identification Number (BIN)

  • To check BIN details one needs to provide TAN, nature of payment, and Form 24G month/year range.
  • To check the BIN information of a Particular AO, one has to give the AIN of the AO in addition to the above essential information.
  • If BIN Information is not available for the described AIN and term, please contact your affined Pay and Accounts Office (PAO) / District Treasury Office (DTO) to whom TDS/TCS has been signified.
  • Valid TAN is required to access the DDO record and only then BIN will be generated.
  • Users have the option to specify the amount of tax exemption to the Govt.
  • Users can view/download request BIN for a maximum period of 12 months.

How to View BIN Status/Details?

  • First of all, Visit the main webpage of TIN (Tax Information Network)
  • Thereafter, Select the BIN Verification link to open the “Bin View” page.
  • After that, Enter the correct TAN, and AIN information and mention the type of payment process.
  • Thereafter, Choose the date of filling out form 24G
  • Finally, click on the “View BIN Details” button.
  • Wait a while, “BIN View Status” will appear in front of you. 
  • Now you can check the Bin View Status.

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