Abdu Rozik Net Worth 2023

Abdu Rozik Net Worth In Rupees 2023, Salary, Source of Income, Early Life, Career, Haight & More.

Abdu Rozik Net Worth In Rupees 2023:- In 2023, Abdu’s Net Worth In 2023 around Is 2 crores Indian Rupee Or $250K US. In this article, we will learn about Abdu Rozik Net Worth In Rupees 2023, Salary, Source of Income, Early Life, Career, Haight & More.

Abdu is a well-known fighter, singer, and musician from Tajikistan. His Tajik songs “Ohi Dili Zor” (2019), “Chaki Chaki Boron” (2020), and “Modar” are among the most well-known (2021).

Recently, viewers saw Abdu Rozik as a participant in the Indian reality series Big Boss. Savriqul Muhammadroziqi is the true name of Abdu Rozik.

What is Abdu Rozik Net Worth In Rupees 2023?

Abdu’s Net Worth In 2023 Is around 2 crores Indian Rupee Or $250K US.  Abdu is a musician, singer, and blogger from Tajikistan who is best recognized for his work in the film industry and on YouTube. He is also known for his diminutive size.

In addition to that, he is a contestant on the well-known television reality show Big Boss 16. Due to the fact that Abdu Rozik is best known for singing songs in movies and for making videos that are published on YouTube,

he has acquired a net worth of over $260,000 as of 2023. Considering that this is also his main source of income.

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Abdu Rozik Salary

Abdu Rozik, a well-known Tajik singer and internet star, is the most adored participant in the Bigg Boss 16 house. He reportedly earns between Rs 3 and Rs 4 lakh per week.

Abdu Rozik Source of Income

Abdu Rozik’s net worth is approximately $250K US because to the fact that he is most recognized for his work as a movie singer and for creating YouTube videos.

Given that this also serves as his primary source of income.

Abdu Rozik
                                 Abdu Rozik Net Worth: In Rupees 2 Crore Indian Rupee

Abdu Rozik Early life

In a Tajik family in Panjakent, Tajikistan, Abdu was born on September 3, 2003. He was raised in Tajikistan and was a Virgo when he was born.

Abdu Rozik is a new vocalist who is youthful and gifted. The greatest place to view his work is via the Avlod Media channel on YouTube.

There are tens of thousands of viewers and more than 350 000 promoters for this channel. Oshiqami, Oh Zor, Ummati, and other names are absorbed by Abdu credits, on the other hand.

Abdu Rozik Career

The distinction of being the world’s smallest vocalist belongs to Tajik singer Abdu Rozik. Due to his unique talent for singing Tajik rap songs—which he had because he was born in Tajikistan—he rapidly attracted attention and a fan base.

He might upload videos on the Avlod Media channel on YouTube, where they can be seen. Currently, his channel has over 340 thousand members.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Height 3 Feet 1 Inch
Weight 18 Kg
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown


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