Denji Chainsaw Man Anime, Protagonist, Appearance, Abilities, Powers, Anime Voice Artists, Manga Writer & More

Who is Denji Chainsaw Man, Anime, Protagonist, Appearance, Abilities, Powers, Anime Voice Artists, Manga Writer & More

In this blog, we will discuss all details about Who is Denji Chainsaw Man, Anime, Protagonist, Appearance, Abilities, Powers, Anime Voice Artists, Manga Writer & More

Who is Denji Chainsaw Man, Anime, Protagonist

Denji is the primary protagonist of the Chainsaw Man manga collection and Anime. At a younger age, Denji inherits his father`s money owed from the Yakuza. After assembly Pochita, he will become a Devil Hunter for the Yakuza to try to clean his debt. Once the Yakuza, below the management of a Devil, betrays him, he dies and Pochita will become his heart. Denji now will become the Chainsaw Man by pulling a wire on his chest. After assembly Makima, he has become a Public Safety Devil Hunter.

Who is Pochita?

The Chainsaw Devil merged with Denji and was originally the Chainsaw Man himself before meeting Denji. He can eat a devil and erase their existence, making him “the Devil that Devils fear most”. He first appears in his dog form, actually a weakened state after a fight with mysterious opponents. His true devil form is a large, darker version of Denji’s hybrid form with four arms.

Denji Chainsaw Man Appearance, Abilities, Power

Denji has four different Appearance forms and their names are – 

Human Form (Pre-Fusion)

Denji is a teenage boy with blond and scruffy hair. Denji has yellow-brown eyes and luggage underneath, main to a dazed and worn-out expression. His teeth are tremendously sharp and angular. way to malnutrition in his childhood, he functions as a scrawny construct with sticking-out ribs. Before turning into a hybrid, Denji becomes lacking his proper eye and some of the different non-important organs, such as a testicle and a kidney. He included his lacking eye with an eyepatch. He additionally wears a free white shirt, an inexperienced jacket, and black pants at this point.

Hand-to-Hand Combat
Strategic Intelligence

Human Form (Post-Fusion)

After Denji bureaucracy a settlement with Pochita, his coronary heart is fused with Pochita, a chainsaw twine bureaucracy inside the center of his chest and he regains his misplaced organs.

He now spends a whole lot of his time quality the fine Public Safety Devil Hunter uniform, which includes a white shirt, tie, and slacks. Denji the uniform carelessly, his shirt wrinkled and sleeves rolled up. During Operation: Super-Smart, Denji donned a couple of fake glasses.

Hybrid Form

If his chainsaw twine is pulled at the same time as he has sufficient blood for the transformation, then his head will morph right into a demonic, mechanical form with long, jagged fangs and a chainsaw took care of at the back. Large chainsaws will emerge from his forehead, palms, and legs if he dreams it. If Denji`s chainsaw twine is pulled at the same time as he does now no longer have sufficient blood, then a chainsaw blade will in part emerge from his face.

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Stamina
Chainsaw Manifestation
Chainsaw Retraction
Chain Entanglement

Devil Form

After surrendering himself to Makima, Denji converted right into a Full Devil, absolutely dropping his human cognizance and letting his satan counterpart take over. Before the transformation, his intestines emerge from his belly and wrap around his neck, such as a head headband or a collar. Once converted, his frame is black, trying to be blanketed with both armored plates or scales. He profits spikes on his shoulders and the again of his head, and the take care of at the again of his head disappears. He turns into a great deal large and bulkier, towering over the common human. His fingers break up on the elbows, every with forearms geared up with their Chainsaw Blade. 

Blood Consumption

Denji Chainsaw Man Anime Voice Artist

Voice Artists
Japanese Voice Artist –

Kikunosuke Toya
Marina Inoue (Young)
English Voice Artist –

Ryan Colt Levy

Denji Chainsaw Man Manga Writer

The writer of the Chainsaw man manga is Tatsuki Fujimoto. Tatsuki Fujimoto is a Japanese manga artist, known for his works Fire Punch and Chainsaw Man. Fujimoto became born on October 10, 1992, or 1993, in Nikaho, Akita Prefecture, Japan. He commenced drawing at an early age. He had no preparatory faculties close to his home, so he went to portray instructions wherein his grandparents attended and practiced oil portray. He graduated in Western portray from Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata, Yamagata in 2014.

Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga collection written and illustrated via way of means of Tatsuki Fujimoto. Its first component turned into serialized in Shueisha`s shōnen manga mag Weekly Shōnen Jump from December 2018 to December 2020; its 2nd component started serialization in Shueisha`s Shōnen Jump+ line mag in July 2022. Its chapters were accumulated in 12 tankōbon volumes as of October 2022. Chainsaw Man follows the tale of Denji, an impoverished younger guy who makes an agreement that fuses his frame with that of a dog-like satan named Pochita, granting him the cap potential to convert elements of his frame into chainsaws. Denji sooner or later joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a central authority enterprise targeted at preventing in opposition to devils on every occasion they end up a hazard to the world.

In North America, the manga is certified in English via way of means of Viz Media, for each print and virtual release, and it’s also posted via way of means of Shueisha on the Manga Plus online platform. An anime tv collection variation produced via way of means of MAPPA premiered in October 2022.

As of October 2022, the manga had over sixteen million copies in circulation. In 2021, it gained the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award withinside the shōnen class and gained the Harvey Awards withinside the Best Manga class in 2021 and 2022. Chainsaw Man has been average properly acquired via way of means of critics, who’ve reconciled its storytelling and characters, and feature specifically highlighted its violent scenes in the context of the tale.

Denji Chainsaw Man Story, Characters

The tale is about an international wherein Devils (悪魔, Akuma) are born from human fears. Devils are generally risky and malevolent, their strength is proportional to the concern they incite. However, human beings can shape contracts with them to apply their strength, and some people specialize in looking at and using them, known as Devil Hunters (デビルハンター, Debiru Hantā). Devils originate from Hell, and exist in a cycle between Earth and Hell: they migrate to Earth while killed in Hell, and vice-versa. Dwelling in Hell is extraordinarily effective Devils known as Primal Fears, have in no way been killed. Transit among planes seems to be overseen by the Hell Devil (地獄の悪魔, Jigoku no Akuma).

A Devil may, in positive conditions, inhabit the frame of a lifeless human, gaining a number of their reminiscences and personality; the sort of creature is known as a Fiend (魔人, Majin, lit. Demonic Person). Devils who have a humanoid shape are stated to be benevolent to human beings.

The occasions tale takes vicinity in 1997, in an exchange timeline wherein the Soviet Union nonetheless exists, and plenty of occasions which include the Holocaust are found to be erased from history. Nuclear guns as soon as existed on this international, however because of the intake of the Nuclear Weapons Devil (核兵器の悪魔, Kakuheiki no Akuma) through the Chainsaw Devil (チェンソーの悪魔, Chensō no Akuma), they have got ceased to exist entirely. Likewise, there was no struggle are because the World War because the War Devil (戦争の悪魔, Sensō no Akuma) has been weakened to the factor that the best lines of struggle exist in popular culture and media.

Part A – Public Safety Arc –

Denji is a younger guy trapped in poverty, running off his deceased father`s debt to the yakuza via way of means of running as a Devil Hunter, aided via way of means of Pochita, his dog associate, and Chainsaw Devil. Denji is betrayed via way of means of the yakuza, who kill him for a settlement with the Zombie Devil. Pochita makes a settlement with Denji, merging with him as a human-satan Hybrid, below the situation that Denji suggests his goals to Pochita. Denji massacres the yakuza and is approached via way of means of a crew of governmental Devil Hunters, the Public Safety Division, led via way of means of Makima, who persuades him to sign up for their ranks. Agreeing, Denji is partnered with Power, the Blood Fiend, and Aki Hayakawa, a self-detrimental Devil Hunter. Makima guarantees Denji any favor, furnished he kills the Gun Devil, the culprit of the finest bloodbath in human history.

Denji’s institution encounters every other hybrid, the Katana Man, a vengeful yakuza reputedly allied with the Gun Devil, who kills an amazing part of the Division. Denji and Power are educated via way of means of Kishibe, a grasp Devil-hunter who distrusts Makima; Aki makes addresses the Future Devil, who foresees a “terrible demise” for him. The Division launches a counter-assault in opposition to the Katana Man, shooting him.

Sometime later, Denji starts offevolved a romance with a lady named Reze, who’s the Bomb Woman, a Hybrid undercover agent for the Soviet Union, despatched to seize him. Though returning his affection, she assaults the city, with the Division slightly saving Denji. After recovering, Denji fights her, and accepts a suggestion to go away to Japan together; earlier than they could reunite, Makima secretly captures her. Denji’s combat with the Bomb Woman exhibits his life to the global.

Foreign murderer agencies goal Denji: Chinese hunter Quanxi; a mysterious enemy of Makima called “Santa Claus”; 3 American brothers; and a Russian lady coaching a pupil, Tolka. Denji is geared up with a safety detail. Though the brothers are repelled, and Quanxi to start with stalls, Santa Claus makes use of their Doll Devil powers for a huge horde assault. After a follow-up via way of means of Quanxi, Tolka’s grasp exhibits herself because of the actual “Santa Claus”, and has all events transported to Hell, in which they’re attacked via way of means the Darkness Devil. Santa Claus makes a settlement with the Darkness Devil that empowers her. Makima retrieves the institution from Hell, and Quanxi (who’s discovered to be a hybrid) allows Denji to defeat Santa Claus; Makima dispatches her afterward.

After Denji recovers, Makima exhibits the Gun Devil is a geopolitical asset, with many factions controlling portions of it. As Aki begs Makima for Denji’s safety, the president of the USA orders the Gun Devil to assault Japan and kill Makima. Revealed to be the Control Devil, Makima confronts the Gun Devil and wins. Aki dies withinside the assault, and the Gun Devil takes his frame as a Fiend. Denji is attacked via way of means of the Gun Fiend, and, helped via way of means of civilians, kills it; Aki’s demise devastates him. While reputedly consoling him, Makima kills Power, revealing herself accountable for Denji’s losses, having plotted to void his settlement with Pochita via way of means of crushing his goals of ordinary life.

Kishibe assaults her, and she or he calls for “Chainsaw Man” to store her. Controlling Denji’s frame, Pochita assumes his actual shape and runs. Makima explains her goal: to apply Pochita’s energy to cast off ideas from fact to create a global without suffering; to this end, she became empowered via way of means of the authorities with immortality. Fighting the Chainsaw Man with the use of the brainwashed Hybrids, which encompass Katana Man, Reze, and Quanxi, she wins, as Denji’s heroic deeds have weakened Pochita. However, Power revives because the Blood Devil from a remnant of her blood from Denji, escapes with Chainsaw Man, and, mortally wounded, restores Denji’s will to live, having him promise to locate her while she is reborn in Hell.

Invigorated via way of means of public assistance for him, Denji confronts Makima and defeats her; to skip her immortality, he eats her frame. Later, Kishibe exhibits the Control Devil resurfacing withinside the shape of a touch girl, now named Nayuta. He asks Denji to appear after her, and Pochita helps this task in Denji’s goals. Later, Denji enrolls in excessive college and keeps combating devils withinside the public eye.

Part B –

The 2nd arc introduces Asa Mitaka, an introverted excessive college pupil attending Fourth East High School. One day, her elegance is added to Bucky, a bird satan, and has the elegance host him for 3 months, with the elegance having the selection to kill or spare him. Three months later, the elegance spares Bucky, having grown connected to him. Bucky encourages Asa to pop out of her shell, however, is killed whilst Asa journeys even sporting him. Later, she is faced with the aid of using a pupil who has made an addressed the Justice Devil who kills Asa. Revived with the aid of using forming an address the War Devil, called “Yoru”, Asa seeks to discover and kill the Chainsaw Man, even though she and Yoru have differing goals: Asa wishes Yoru to go away her body, even as Yoru desires to reclaim the Nuclear Weapons Devil from Pochita. To discover Chainsaw Man, they are part of the college`s Devil Hunter Club, in which they’re partnered with Hirofumi Yoshida, a personal quarter satan hunter from an unknown organization, and Yuko, a pleasant pupil who has become pals with her.

Meanwhile, Denji has tailored to his new existence as an everyday excessive college pupil, additionally attending Fourth East, even as the use of his newfound superhero repute because the Chainsaw Man draws as many ladies around him. Yoshida, who formerly assisted Denji, continues tabs on him beneath neath an unknown mission. Desperate for a girlfriend, Yoshida introduces Denji to Asa, who right now disbelieves him whilst he attempts to persuade her he’s the Chainsaw Man. Asa discovers that Yuko has fashioned a settlement with the Justice Devil and plans on enacting revenge on Asa’s behalf for every person who bullied her.

Characters –

Characters -

Four Horsemen –

An institution of effective devils who can consider the lifestyles of devils eaten through the Chainsaw Devil, who they battled long term ago. They harbor a motivation to kill or use the Chainsaw Man to satisfy their dreams.

Makima (マキマ) / Nayuta (ナユタ)

Voiced through: Tomori Kusunoki (Japanese); Suzie Yeung (English)

A mysterious female serving as the pinnacle of Public Safety Division 4, takes Denji as her human pet. Makima is cunning, smart, and manipulative, controlling Denji by taking gain of his enchantment on her with guarantees of a date even threatening him with extermination in case of disobedience. For a lot of the story, her dreams are unknown and her exact intentions are ambiguous. She is later discovered to be the Control Devil, which embodies the concern of domination, and a member of the Four Horsemen Devils who seeks to apply the Chainsaw Man, to whom she is enamored, to create international without suffering. To this end, she masterminds the misfortunes befalling Denji over the series. After being killed through Denji, she is reborn as a younger woman referred to as Nayuta and positioned in his care to be raised as a higher person.

Asa Mitaka (三鷹アサ, Mitaka Asa) and Yoru (ヨル)

An excessive faculty scholar attending Fourth East High School, the equal faculty as Denji, who’s estranged from her classmates. She unearths the sector to be corrupted and harbors a sturdy hatred for devils because of her mother and father being killed through Typhoon Devil. Believing herself clumsy at all of the worst times, she feels great guilt for deaths she has inadvertently brought on and has determined to shut herself off from the sector. After getting killed by her classmate who made a settlement with the Justice Devil, she is revived through Yoru, the War Devil, a once-effective Devil who represents the primal worry of battle and a member of the Four Horsemen Devils, with the cap potential flip something that “belongs” to the consumer into weapons. Yoru has to turn out to be especially weakened after being in large part fed on through Pochita. Now sharing an equal body, Yoru forces Asa into her vendetta to cast off Chainsaw Man and reclaim the Nuclear Weapons Devil from him.
Public Safety Organization
The Public Safety Devil Hunters are an organization of government-sanctioned Devil Hunters in Japan that characteristic further to a Fire Department or Police Force. They are dispatched to dispatch Devils withinside the occasion of a hazard to the general public and are tasked with resolving satan-associated incidents on a smaller scale.

Devil Hunters – 

Kishibe (岸辺)

Voiced through: Kenjiro Tsuda

The most powerful satan hunter withinside the organization. Older than maximum different hunters, he’s scarred and cynical. He trains Denji and Power and turned into partnered with Quanxi in his youth. He secretly plots toward Makima.
Aki Hayakawa (早川アキ, Hayakawa Aki)
Voiced through: Shogo Sakata (Japanese); Reagan Murdock (English)
A Public Safety Devil Hunter running below Makima`s squad. He has a settlement with the Fox Devil and Curse Devil, permitting him to summon the former’s head and use a deadly spike in change for his lifespan. He later makes a settlement with the Future Devil, permitting him to look some seconds into destiny. Aki is stoic, mature, and dependable, however, has a gentle middle while alone. He grows to significantly care approximately Denji and Power, in spite of clashing with them. Desperate to store Denji and Power from the terrible destiny the Future Devil warned him approximately, he makes one remaining settlement with Makima to counter the Gun Devil along with Angel and the opposite deceased satan hunters, however, is killed in the course of the fight, and turns into the Gun Fiend, which Denji is compelled to kill.

Himeno (姫野)

Voiced through: Mariya Ise

Aki’s first partner. She wears an eyepatch and is partnered with the Ghost Devil, permitting her to apply its invisible arm from anywhere. She is killed by Sawatari’s Snake Devil even as combating Katana Man.

Kobeni Higashiyama (東山 コベニ, Higashiyama Kobeni)

Voiced through: Karin Takahashi
A younger female with an unnamed settlement commenced paintings as a Devil hunter below Makima’s experimental squad. Despite her timid and cowardly attitude, she suggests notable pace and reflexes while threatened. Following the International Assassins incident and coming upon with the Darkness Devil, she resigns from the organization and later works as a waitress at a quick meals restaurant, best for later to be dragged to a “date” with Pochita in his complete satan shape. It turned into additionally hinted she has suffered from dating together along with her mother and father.

Hirokazu Arai (荒井 ヒロカズ, Arai Hirokazu)

Voiced through: Taku Yashiro

A satan hunter with a Fox Devil settlement who turned into withinside the equal squad as Himeno and Kobeni. He sacrificed himself to guard Kobeni against the yakuza-looking Denji.

Devils / Fiends

Power (パワー, Pawā)

Voiced through: Fairouz Ai (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenhef (English)

The Blood Fiend and a Public Safety Devil Hunter in Makima’s squad. Power looks as if a younger female with lengthy hair; as a Fiend, she has brief crimson horns sticking out from her head. Power loves violence and is childish, greedy, nearly completely self-motivated, and inclined to damage others for her very own satisfaction. Power loves her cat, Meowy, but at one factor inclined to sacrifice Denji’s lifestyle to store him. She involves caring deeply for Denji and Aki, her first genuine buddies. She is killed through Makima in front of Denji, to interrupt his spirit. Power revives because the Blood Devil from Denji’s blood, however, is fatally wounded through Makima again. Before dying, Power makes a settlement with Denji – in change for her blood, Denji is to discover the reborn Blood Devil and flip her again into Power, so they’ll be buddies again.

Angel Devil (天使の悪魔, Tenshi no Akuma)

Voiced through: Maaya Uchida

A humanoid Devil embodying the concern of angels. Appearing as an enigmatic androgynous younger man, he holds no unique malice towards human beings but enjoys seeing them suffer. He is partnered with Aki after Himeno’s loss of life and is seemed because the second-most powerful Public Safety agent, however, his laziness holds him again.
Beam (ビーム, Bīmu)

Voiced through: Natsuki Hanae

The wildly enthusiastic and risky Shark Fiend, can “swim” via stable gadgets and rework right into an extra tremendous shark-like shape. He is partnered with Denji, whom he worships. He later sacrifices himself to restore Denji in the course of the struggle are with the Darkness Devil in Hell.

Galgali (ガルガリ, Garugari)

Voiced through: Yūya Uchida

The pleasant and well-mannered Violence Fiend possesses great power and may rework right into an extra tremendous shape while his mask is taken off. He nevertheless has a maximum of his human mind and may consider numerous information about his beyond lifestyles, which is uncommon for Fiends.

Princi (プリンシ, Purinshi)

Voiced through: Saori Gotō

The Spider Fiend takes a shape of 1/2 of a human and a spider with eight legs. She embodies the concern of spiders. Most of the time, she regarded to best be taking orders from Makima.

Devils –

Gun Devil (銃の悪魔, Jū no Akuma)

One of the maximum effective and feared Devils withinside the world. Thirteen years earlier than the series` events, the Gun Devil manifested after a terrorist attack, and attacked the world, killing 1.2 million humans in below 5 mins earlier than vanishing. It becomes later defeated and scattered into portions through an unknown entity, and the governments of numerous nations have accumulated those stays to shape contracts with it. The president of the USA summons it to kill Makima. Makima defeats it, however, it possesses Aki’s body, becoming the Gun Fiend. It later dies at the hand of Denji.

Darkness Devil (闇の悪魔, Yami no Akuma)

An unfathomably effective Devil representing the primal worry of darkness, dwelling in Hell.

Future Devil (未来の悪魔, Mirai no Akuma)

A satan that embodies the concern of destiny. He made a settlement with Aki after seeing his destiny, so he can see that destiny himself.

Justice Devil (正義の悪魔, Seigi no Akuma)

A Devil embodying the concern of justice. Anyone who makes an address to the Justice Devil is in a position to show their innate feeling of justice into power, which manifests as mind-analyzing competencies for Yuko. Originally in a settlement with Fourth East High School’s magnificence president, it become killed through Yoru and later made an address Yuko.

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