What is Vanna White Net Worth

What is Vanna White Net Worth?

Vanna is a renowned American TV personality and game show host. She has been co-hosting Wheel of Fortune since 1982 and is highly regarded for her role. Before becoming a TV host, Vanna worked as a model while studying fashion.

She participated in the Miss Georgia USA pageant in 1978. Apart from her work on Wheel of Fortune, Vanna has also made appearances in various movies and television shows, both as herself and in minor roles.

She is also the author of the book Vanna Speaks, which was published in 1987.

What is Vanna White Net Worth?

Vanna’s net worth in 2023 is $85 Million. It is common knowledge that Vanna White, the well-known hostess and puzzle-board turner on the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune,” has a salary of $3 million.

Interestingly, her salary remained the same for a period of 18 years, from 2005 to 2023. However, when her co-host Pat Sajak announced his retirement in June 2023 and Ryan Seacrest was chosen to replace him,

Vanna informed “Wheel” producers that she would not continue unless her salary was increased from $3 million to $7.5 million.

Vanna White Net Worth
           Vanna White Net Worth: $85 Million

Pat has a net worth of $75 million, which can be attributed in part to her investments in real estate alongside her former husband, George Santo Pietro, who is a real estate developer and restaurateur.

Meanwhile, Vanna White earns an annual salary of $10 million from her role on “Wheel of Fortune,” but as we’ll discuss later in this article, that’s not her primary source of income.

It’s interesting to note that Vanna White and Pat Sajak earn more money each year from licensing their image to casino slot machines than they do from hosting their well-known game show.

It was recently revealed that Pat Sajak, the longtime host of “Wheel of Fortune,” plans to retire after the show’s 41st season.

Ryan Seacrest has since announced that he will be taking over hosting duties from Sajak starting on June 27, 2023.

It was reported that Vanna White makes $3 million annually from her role on “Wheel of Fortune,” while Pat Sajak earns $15 million.

In June 2023, it was disclosed that Vanna had not received a raise in her salary for 18 years since her contract negotiation in 2005. This revelation came to light shortly after Pat announced his retirement.

When it comes to Vanna White’s salary, it’s definitely a great job. Let’s take a look at the taping schedule for Wheel of Fortune: they film six shows per day, four days a month, on two Thursdays and two Fridays.

On the day of filming, they start shooting at noon, after arriving around 8:30 am, and one audience watches three shows before lunch. After the break, a second audience comes in to watch the remaining three shows.


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