Jedine Carr Net Worth, Cause Of Death, Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents & More

Jedine Carr Net Worth


Jedine Carr Net Worth:- Jedine Carr was a teenage national-level footballer from Jamaica. She was recently seen playing in the ISSA Construction 2022 Reinas Cup with the Proven Girls Academy. She was shot dead by a gunman on Friday, 8th July 2022.

In this article, we will discuss Jedine Carr’s Net Worth. Who is Jedine Carr? Where is he from? What is his profession? What is his age? and much more.

Jedine Carr Shot Dead On Friday: Cause Of Death

Jedine Carr was shot dead by a gunman on Friday, 8th July 2022 when she was traveling for a practice session.

The taxi driver who was driving her was also shot. The incident occurred on the Lloydsville main road in Yallah, St. Thomas. The cause of her death was a gun wound, however, the attacker is yet to be arrested to find the reason for the murder.

The Jamaica Soccer Federation (JFF) tributed the young sportswoman.


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Jedine Carr’s Net Worth 

Jedine Carr was still a teenager but started playing national-level football at a young. Her net worth could have been between $100K-$500K.

Jedine Carr Wiki, Biography

Jedine Carr participated in the Chinese Football Development Exchange Programme in 2018 along with her other crew members from the Jamaica Under-15 football team.

In this blog, we will discuss all details about Jedine Carr, his age, family background, wife’s name, physical traits, height, weight, etc, career details, and much more.

Jedine Carr Age

Jedine Carr was a native of the Heartsease neighborhood of Yallahs. Her exact birth details seem missing, hence we assume she was around 15 or 16 years old when she died.

Jedine Carr Parents

Jedine Carr’s parents’ names and professional details are not available as of now.

Jedine Carr Career

Jedine Carr started playing football when she was quite young. She was a part of the Jamaican Under-15 football team, the Under-17 national training squad, and a member of the Yallahs High team. 

Jedine Carr Height, Weight

Jedine Carr’s height and weight details are missing.

Jedine Carr Educational Qualification

Jedine Carr’s educational qualification is also not known.

Jedine Carr Nationality, Ethnicity

Jedine Carr’s nationality was Jamaican and her ethnicity is not known.

Jedine Carr Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Jedine Carr was not found on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jedine Carr:

Q1. Who was Jedine Carr?

Ans: Jedine Carr was a Jamaican teenage footballer.

Q2. What was Jedine Carr’s age?

Ans: Jedine Carr’s age as of 2022 was 15 or 16 years old.

Q3. What is the net worth of Jedine Carr?

Ans: Jedine Carr’s net worth was expected to be between $100K-$500K.

Q4. What is Jedine Carr’s nationality?

Ans: Jedine Carr’s nationality was Jamaican.

Q4. How did Jedine Carr die?

Ans: Jedine Carr’s nationality was Jamaican.

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