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Andrey Liscovich net worth: Andrey Liscovich created an impromptu supply chain network for Ukraine’s volunteer fighters. He was working on a new startup in San Franciso. He left Ukraine on February 26 for serving to the Logistics within the nation.

He is the now-former head sun settled Uber works staffing business the unofficial procurement manager for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces in his hometown of Zaporizhzhia.

Let’s discuss Andrey Liscovich’s biography, his achievement, how he earned his net worth.

Andrey Liscovich Net Worth 2022

Let us talk about Andrey Liscovich net worth. His net worth is $1 million and we are collecting more information about his salary, source of income.

Here, we will be exploring as of 2022, who was Andrey Liscovich, his Biography, and his family.

Andrey Liscovich Salary & Source of Income

Andrey Liscovich is a handful of fellow Ukrainian Volunteers and seven former Uber Colleagues in the US.

He built an operation running trucks of essential supplies like boots, phones, portable chargers, cable tourniquets, and protective gear to pickup locations for volunteer fighters to collect.

He turned up at the Zaporizhzhia volunteer-enlistment office to fight on 2 March. His group raised together $40,000 in the last week.

He lives a wealthy lifestyle. About Andrey Liscovich annual income and monthly income are not available.

How much does Andrey Liscovich earn and what is his net worth?

Real Name Andrey Liscovich
Profession Uber works
Net Worth (2022) $1 million
Monthly Income  Not Available
Annual Income  Not Available
Source of Income Not Available

Andrey Liscovich Wiki, Biography

Andrey Liscovich was born and raised in Zaporizhzhia in Southeastern Ukraine. He obtained a Ph.D. at Harvard University before he went to work for Uber Technologies.

He was living in San Franciso where he devised a startup to help people finance expenses like education and healthcare.

In this Blog, you are going to read about Andrey Liscovich Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Photos, and More

Full Name Andrey Liscovich
Profession Uber works
Wife Not Available
Age Not Available
Zodiac Sign Not Available
Date of birth
Not Available
Birth Place Zaporizhzhia
Nationality Ukrainian
Religion Not Available
Parents Father- Not Available

Mother- Not Available

Siblings Not Available
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available

Andrey Liscovich Wife

Andrey Liscovich’s marital status is not known we are finding information. He was working on a new startup in San Franciso.

Andrey Liscovich Parents, Sibling

Andrey Liscovich took birth in Zaporizhzhia to his parents. His parents’ names and occupation details are currently not available anywhere on the internet. We are collecting information about his parents and siblings.

Andrey Liscovich Social Media Accounts

Instagram CLICK HERE

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Q.1 Who is Andrey Liscovich?

Ans. Andrey Liscovich created an impromptu supply chain network for Ukraine’s volunteer fighters.

Q.2 What is  Andrey Liscovich’s  Net Worth in 2022?

Ans.  Andrey Liscovich’s net worth as of 2022 is $1  million.

Q.3 What is Andrey Liscovich‘s nationality?

Ans.  Andrey Liscovich’s nationality is Ukrainian.

Q.4 How tall is Andrey Liscovich?

Ans. Andrey Liscovich’s listed height is not known.

Q.5 What is Andrey Liscovich’s parent’s name?

Ans. Andrey Liscovich’s parent’s name is not available.

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